Christie Ann Harvey for Luna County Commissioner District 3

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Join our movement now!Join our movement now!Join our movement now!

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We Can Do Better

I will fully represent District 3 through quality leadership, knowledge gained from study of the issues, hard work, transparency of positions, and my strong desire to improve Luna County with visible results that will impact the bottom line. I am Christie Ann Harvey, and I am the candidate for growth and leadership.


As detailed on the Luna County Commissioner webpage:

“ Each Commissioner must accept individual responsibility for ensuring that County government is conducted openly and in the best interests of all the citizens of the County. A Commissioner is expected to strive for excellence through continuous learning, personal development and understanding of all operations of the County government.”

The 3rd District deserves such an individual. We deserve Christie Ann Harvey as our County Commissioner.

The Platform

Serving The Community

I have been part of this community for over 15 years, working tirelessly to make it a better place for residents and visitors alike. My goal is to strive for excellence through continuous learning, personal development, and understanding all operations of Luna County government.

United By A Common Goal

I know the value of being connected to those who live in Luna County. I want to bridge the gap between the county government and my constituents.

Get Involved

Get involved and let me know what your ideas are to make Luna County a better place for all of us. I want to make positive change and do a great job for those I represent in Luna County.

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Please let me know how I can best represent you in Luna County: